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Text Box: Flat Roofs 
Repaired  or Replaced.
Text Box: We can repair or replace your flat roof. Felt flat roofs are a very good as long as they are maintained, repaired as necessary and replaced once they have got to the end of their use full life which in most case’s is 10 years. This varies depending on the type of material used. 

It is cheaper to replace a roof that is not leaking than one that has because it may have damaged the boards underneath which will need replacing before the new roof can go on.

We can lay 3 layers of built up felt bonding each layer with hot tar with a green mineral top sheet or tar and chippings depending on your preference. 

Also at the same time we can replace any defective lead flashings as seen here.

On the last two pictures below the top covering is painted with a highly reflective aluminum / bitumen based paint which prevents brake down of the covering by reflecting heat and uv light.